About us

 “Mtatsminda Park” is the best place for entertainment and relaxation, fairy  environment,  fresh air, unique landscape, picturesque views and modern rides will give you a perfect opportunity to unwind and have a rest or have fun together with your family or friends.

Mtatsminda Park is open every day during all four seasons. The rides work  depending on weather conditions and seasons.

 Mtatsminda Park is situated at an altitude of 770 m, which is the highest point of Tbilisi. Its history is more than 100 years old and the territory covers up to 18 ha. The park is divided into three zones: extreme, kids and family. Today, there are about 60 rides and play spots in Mtatsminda Park, including Video Games and Shooting Gallery. Apart from the rides, there are restaurants, cafes , shops, relaxation zones, a celebration centre and a wedding hall in the park.

Plan your visit

It is only 7.5 km from the city centre to the park, which on average takes about 12-15 minutes to get by car and about 15–20 minutes by bus. Two public transportations are available to get to Mtatsminda park. Bus N 124 ( from Rustaveli Ave.) and bus N 90 ( from Orbeliani square).

The park is connected to the city centre via a road (Tbilisi-Okrokana direction) as well as the Funicular that was constructed back in 1905 and is one of the city’s historical sightseeing itself.

 The shortest way to get to the park from the capital is by the Funicular, the lower station of which is in 22,Daniel Chonkadze street. The railway length is 501 m. The  height of the upper station is 727 m. above the sea level. The difference between the stations is 267 m.. Both carriage wagons depart every 20 minutes from both  upper and lower stations. It takes 3 minutes to travel. The wagons are equipped with several safety systems.

Mtatsminda Park is a member of IAAPA. Technical service of the park maintains the safety of the rides in compliance with international standards. Annual inspection is conducted by a foreign company which performs safety checks and provides certification.

Visitor Card

The entrance is free of charge.  You pay with a plastic card on the Funicular and the rides. The card is multi-entry and can be purchased at box offices.

How to entertain / objects:

  • Rides
  • Food Courts
  • Video Games and Shooting Gallery
  • Exhibitions
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