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The new Wine Festival has been established as a truly public holiday over these years, the main purpose of which is to promote the Georgian wine, improve wine education in Georgia and enhance consumer culture. Ever since 2010, the scale of the festival has been increasing, with new family wine cellars and wine companies emerging, eager to introduce their harvests and the products of their work. In 2018, the Festival brought together large, medium and small wine companies, associations and state organizations - more than 200 entities.
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How To Get To The Park?

From the center of Tbilisi to the park is 7.5 km, which takes 12-15 minutes on average with a light car and about 15-20 minutes by bus. 2 municipal transport moves to Mtatsminda Park: # 124 Bus from Rustaveli Avenue and # 90 Bus from Orbeliani Square. From the capital city to Mtatsminda Park, the shortest way can be transported through the funicular.

The map of the park